On the left: A girl using a scooter waving her right hand, wearing a white t-shirt with a red star in the middle. In the middle: A boy with a logo of UN SDGs standing with his arms in the air, wearing red shorts. On the right: A boy wearing glasses and smiling, he is empowered with a walking stick.

Who Can Benefit from the Inclusive App?

People of Determination

looking for jobs, events and opportunities


interested in Inclusive Hiring and Inclusive Events/Initiatives

Industry Specialists

Job Coaches, Health Professionals and Educators to Network

Families and Supporters

Parents, Siblings, Supporters, Students and everyone interested!

Amazing Features

Find out about local events and opportunities that put People of Determination first. Engage with your local community and contribute to building a world that includes everyone equally.

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News, Updates, Trends and More.

The latest news from around the world on accessibility and inclusion of People of Determination from all local communities is found here. Making an impact? Post it on the board. Initiate collaborations and grow through the Inclusive Impact Board.

Accessible Events, Equal Participation.

A listing of hearing-friendly, cognitive-friendly, visual-friendly, mobility-friendly and sensory-friendly events, in your local community.

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Jobs that Accommodate Everyone

Accessible jobs listed by equal opportunity employers mention the accommodation provided for People of Determination. Find mobility-friendly, cognitive-friendly, hearing-friendly, visual-friendly and/or sensory-friendly workplaces that match your skillset.

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