Inclusive is a collaborative, fun, platform of communication between individuals, special centers, policymakers, government bodies, institutions and enterprises that uphold inclusion of People with Different Abilities as a top priority.

The platform provides a secure, online, accessible, space for everyone with all abilities, to discuss and action inclusion of People with Different Abilities into their local communities.
Inclusive is a fully web-accessible platform.


Inclusive began in a heart and mind, which identified that the community has a disabled approach when dealing with different abilities. With that realization, Hafsa Qadeer, Founder at Inclusive, understood that the solution can only be found through collaboration.
Hafsa Qadeer is the sibling of Ahmed Qadeer. Ahmed is a self-taught pianist, composes his own music and loves to read. Ahmed is home-schooled as it is the best practice towards his health while he faces life with Spinal Bifida. Hafsa wanted to gamify the way Inclusion works so everyone could find solutions together and differently-abled people, like Ahmed, could make more friends like themselves. Inclusive gives a voice to people of all abilities and helps build communities that enable everyone, equally.
Inclusive was launched in Abu Dhabi, UAE, incubated at the inaugural first-of its-kind social incubation center, Ma’an. Ma’an translates to “Together” in English. Today, Inclusive successfully operates in multiple communities.

In the Photo – Left: Ahmed Qadeer, Right: Hafsa Qadeer

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