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UAE’s Policies Are Empowering People Of Determination

Everywhere around the world, you get to see signs on bathroom stalls and wheelchair ramps stating “for the disabled”. Generally, the term “disabled” is viewed negatively as it emphasizes someone’s inability to perform like others. In UAE, you won’t find the word disabled being used, but instead the term “people of determination”. Over time, people of determination have proven to be strong and achieve high rates of success. Why, then, put them down and assign them with a term such as disabled? The step taken by UAE’s government has proven to help in bringing people closer and become more accepting of the determined ones. The main purpose of this change in national policy is based on the idea of inclusivity. The UAE government is ensuring that citizens feel a sense of inclusion as opposed to discrimination. Vast developments have taken place in the UAE’s national policy regarding people of determination. This is directly attributable to our platform, Inclusive, as it promotes empowerment of people with differed abilities. What aspects of the national policy are link with inclusion? 1. Health and rehabilitation People of determination are no longer going to be overlooked in terms of their health and rehabilitation. The government is working on providing them with high-quality health centres. The policies go on to extending resources to conduct researches about special needs and different diseases that cause disablements. 2. Education To be more inclusive, the government promises to provide people of determination with an education system to would cater to their needs. The faculty of these education systems will be provided with adequate tools to support their curriculum. 3. Vocational rehabilitation and employment Various vocational rehabilitation programs will be provided by the government. Along with this, they are also working on including people of determination in their workforce and those of private entities. Their needs will not be neglected in these workplaces as a proper database with all their relevant information will be maintained. 4. Outreach People of determination are no longer going to be restricted from a particular building or platform. Through this policy, the government ensures that every building structure will cater to the needs of people of determination. Each building will exude the aspect of inclusion by following this policy. 5. Social protection and family empowerment The government aims to provide people of determination with a hotline that help them to resolve any issues they may face. A proper training and support program is being launched so that families can learn how to take care and provide for people of determination. 6. Public life, culture and sports People of determination are not only going to be given equal access to the above-mentioned matters, but they’ll be included in all sorts of sports and cultural events. Regular competitions and awareness programs are on the government’s agenda to incorporate inclusivity of people of determination. These policies seem to be a big step forward towards the development and empowerment of people of determination. It stands hand-in-hand with Inclusive and its mission to enable everyone in the community and creating a positive impact.

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