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ImInclusive Code of Ethics

ImInclusive was founded in April 2019; since completing incubation in January 2020, ImInclusive has been a leader in building a healthy, inclusive, community. ImInclusive's team has learned the importance of a solid ethical framework required to operate optimally in the disability inclusion industry and ImInclusive finds responsibility in protecting the community.

ImInclusive encourages all inclusion practitioners to practice vigilance to protect the disability inclusion community. 


ImInclusive Code of Ethics is the guiding principle of the work of our team members daily. 


Any breach of the ImInclusive code of ethics has previously resulted in the ImInclusive team member or association removal by the ImInclusive Ethical Committee. 


ImInclusive launched its journey in detailed inclusive recruitment work as a social enterprise and takes complete responsibility for assuring our key beneficiaries' safety first: People of Determination.


ImInclusive will vigorously continue to abide by the same practices in its present and future. Any sole decision-makers do not create ImInclusive decisions; ImInclusive has strong experts and advisors that provide various aspects of advice to drive any decisions forward. 


  • ImInclusive has no tolerance for disrespect towards beneficiaries (People of Determination) and the Company's stakeholders. 
  • ImInclusive, through a written experience letter duly signed by authorized signatories of ImInclusive, recognizes any of its present or previous talent that had any substantial impact on the journey of ImInclusive. Our team's details and founding story verified by ImInclusive are available online on our website; any other claims of association with Iminclusive are legally and contractually unfounded. ImInclusive reserves the right to take action as needed for individuals misrepresenting ImInclusive brand and credentials on any forum (including social media, award recognitions, media outlets, podcast, media mentions, any mention of ImInclusive brand in association with any individual) without ImInclusive's written permission and authorization. 
  • Language: ImInclusive rejects credibility of inclusion practitioners when practitioners with claimed credentials refer job seekers of ImInclusive (People with Disabilities) and all people with disabilities as "Kids" or "children", or do not use age appropriate methods of communications with all people, or refer to people with disabilities, as "friends/ best friends" when working on the workplace placement of individuals who are seeking professional services from the team at ImInclusive. For more detailed reference, please visit reference video from Open Future Learning: 
  • ImInclusive does not encourage forming personal relationships between ImInclusive job seekers (people with disabilities) and ImInclusive team members (dating, in-a-relationship status, commitments, marital status, or otherwise). ImInclusive never charges any people with disabilities any fees for providing work placement support, however, each job seeker enrolled into ImInclusive program is treated as a client of ImInclusive. Caregivers, parents, and the community rely on ImInclusive to operate at the highest standard of vigilance, therefore, ImInclusive strongly discourages inappropriate relationship giving the context of the recruitment services we provide.
  • ImInclusive has solid policies for harassment, abuse, and treatment of ImInclusive stakeholders that all employees sign and abide by even post their departure, if any, from ImInclusive. 
  • ImInclusive does not allow its team members to harass any individual (mentally or otherwise). ImInclusive internal teams are regularly assigned free professional counseling services because of the nature of our work. 
  • ImInclusive team members are required to reflect the Company's core values in their behaviors. 
  • ImInclusive team members are regularly assigned mental health, emotional intelligence, servant leadership, and skill-based training; ImInclusive promotes a culture of trial, error, and consistent improvement. ImInclusive does not end associations with any stakeholders unless damaging or absolutely necessary for the safety of ImInclusive's beneficiaries: People of Determination. 
  • ImInclusive does not allow its team members to create friendships with the key beneficiaries: job seekers of ImInclusive, as ImInclusive is serving the role of career or professional coaches in most cases. ImInclusive respects the boundaries required for our teams to operate with optimum results.
  • ImInclusive team members are trained with the highest professional etiquette and do not shy away from apologizing for their mistakes. ImInclusive team members do not engage in conversation, topics, politics, religion, debates, or otherwise, which exhausts the ImInclusive team's time and resources. ImInclusive team members operate at the highest sense of urgent responsibility to serve the community. 
  • ImInclusive team members have created a movement ground-up against violence, abuse, and mental health violations towards self-advocacy. ImInclusive team members reserve all rights to report and blocklist talent, associations, individuals who breach the code of ethics of ImInclusive to remove all ties and associations with such individuals. ImInclusive encourages all inclusion industry specialists to run thorough background checks on talents and ensure only licensed and professional services are procured from any individual. 
  • ImInclusive provides written, tailor-made, experience letters to individuals who have graduated from ImInclusive volunteering programs upon direct requests only to ensure complete authenticity. 
  • ImInclusive team members are exposed to details of job seekers. Job seekers include people living with visible and invisible disabilities. Therefore, all ImInclusive affiliates, partners, present and previous team members abide by the most decisive confidentiality agreements even if they are terminated for breach of ethics or change their jobs, move on from ImInclusive, or post-completion of any partnership or campaigns. 
  • ImInclusive partners in any capacity are generally restricted from poaching ImInclusive employees. 
  • ImInclusive operates like a social enterprise, and cannot be identified as an NGO, a non-profit organization, a special needs center or a charity group.
  • ImInclusive follows all processes required in its partnerships to protect, abide by and follow regulations that build a healthier marketplace. 

Social Media Regulations: 
  • ImInclusive reserves the right to mention "Fact-checking required" on social media mentions or any digital/print/newsletter mentions where unauthorized or unverified representation has occurred. 
  • ImInclusive reserves the right to take action as needed for individuals misrepresenting ImInclusive brand and credentials on any forum (including social media, award recognitions, media outlets, podcast, media mentions, any mention of ImInclusive brand in association with any individual) without ImInclusive's written permission and authorization. 
  • ImInclusive team members do not accept friend requests of ImInclusive job seekers on personal social media accounts. ImInclusive actively engages with people and all community through its official handle @iminclusive. 
  • ImInclusive team engages with job seekers, in context of inclusive recruitment support only, between morning till 6:30 PM each day. Any messages after 6:30 PM UAE Time are considered emergency, and ImInclusive encourages all job seekers to seek support from the Support Hub for such matters. ImInclusive team has the right to take a minimum of 48 hours before responding to any requests. 
  • ImInclusive may engage with stakeholders via WhatsApp actively during event management, speaker engagements and matters of urgency however, such matters shall never include enrolled job seekers day-to-day engagement.

Take Action When Required: 

When working in the disability inclusion community, we are accountable for staying vigilant and safe. If you identify that any of ImInclusive team members, affiliates, stakeholders, associates are in breach of ethical conduct, or any individual or entity is misrepresenting the name of ImInclusive, please write to us at to help us be vigilant as well. An unbiased ethical committee advisor will be allotted to emergency cases within 7 working days.

On behalf of Ethical Committee at ImInclusive

Last Updated: 21st February 2022