Yoga with Determination

Inclusive and Blank Canvas Community have co-created a virtual ACCESSIBLE yoga series. We are introducing two new segments of Accessible Yoga Practice.

We welcome you to embark on this journey of accessibility with us.
JOIN to change the way Inclusive Yoga is delivered in the UAE forever.

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Mobility-friendly, upper body movement focused

  • Mobility-Friendly, Upper body movement only
  • Practice from any seated position, in a wheelchair, from a bed, or seated on yoga mat
  • Sensory-Friendly Instructions and Accessibility Statement Available

Hearing-friendly, Vision-friendly and all abilities-friendly

  • Hearing-Friendly, Visual-Friendly
  • Movements can be followed easily
  • Beginner Level
  • Sensory-Friendly Instructions and Accessibility Statement Available

We specially welcome People of Determination, beginners in Yoga and every yogi in our local community to take the lead with us and make the Yoga scene in UAE, accessible and Inclusive.

Timings: All classes are held 7PM to 8PM UAE Time.

While the cost of the Yoga classes is free, each session is limited to 40 seats for an intimate, excellent, experience.