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The Galleria: Abu Dhabi Inclusive Spaces for People of Determination

Image of the Galleria Abu Dhabi front entrance against the blue sky

As part of ImInclusive's Continued Upskilling Program for People of Determination, we invite contributors from our interns to produce public editorial material such as content, blogs, stories and social media content. This week, we invite Arham Zia, talented content writer, to share his recommendation on the most disability inclusive space in Abu Dhabi. Arham Zia shares below:

The Galleria: Opening Doors, Spaces and Events to People of Determination in the UAE

If I had to pick my favorite, most inclusive spot to visit in Abu Dhabi, I would have to pick the Galleria Mall. Not only is it a relatively large mall but it is designed in a way that can cater to the needs of everyone who visits, including people of determination. The mall has a range of accessibility features and services across 8 main areas. 

1.      Convenience of Parking Spots

The Galleria has designated and dedicated parking spots which are closer to the entrance for people of determination so that it isn't a long walk.

2.      Accessibility of Ramps and Elevators for Wheelchairs

An important staple of public spaces, the mall is equipped with many ramps and wheelchair-friendly elevators that makes wheelchair users feel at ease when navigating through the mall.

3.      Customer Care and Visitor Support

The staff at the mall offers helpful assistance when it comes to people of determination including rentals of wheelchairs.

4.      Visibility of Mall Signs and Directions

The signs and directions across the mall are visible in both English and Arabic with several signs in elevators and on ground level in braille for visually impaired visitors.

5.       Efforts in Building Deaf Inclusive Spaces

Not all but some of the Galleria mall's staff are trained professionals in sign language which makes assisting hearing-impaired visitors feel much more welcome.

6.      The Variety of the Eateries

The mall caters to a wide range of places to eat, from fine dining to casual restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and an abundance of Starbucks presence across the mall brings coffee joy to the caffeine enthusiasts.

7.      Cinematic Experience with Vox

With Vox Cinemas being a leading force in delivering quality cinema across the country, it also is incredibly inclusive to people of determination as offer cardholders are eligible for a free ticket to a movie of their choice.

8.     Events that Include People of Determination

Sessions of yoga and free events are available at the Galleria Abu Dhabi, the Galleria offers program for participating in a group walk around the mall or participating in a free yoga class at the South Bridge. Their full events calendar is available here: 

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